Couture Baskets has the most impressive and striking gift baskets, and the fruit is not only beautifully arranged, but also delicious. Our company has placed large orders, and the customer service has been outstanding. Our baskets were always delivered on time and we have received many compliments on them.

I would recommend Couture Baskets to anyone!

Ginger Adams
Marketing Manager, Huntington Reproductive Center

Couture Baskets are truly a work of art. Not only are creations vibrant and authentic, but the fruit inside is incredibly fresh and juicy!

I have sent them to colleagues and they are a healthy hit!”

Jennifer Keppel
Project Coordinator, Communications & Media Relations The Recording Academy/The Grammys

Fashion and fruit have finally collided!

Alixsandra Lopez

Our recipients have responded with many ooh and aahs over the Couture Baskets.

I believe the beauty of your baskets contributed to the success of our ultimate goal – make a memorable initiation and thus develop a lasting relationship with our recipients.

Kaili Shewmaker
Prostate Oncology Specialists, Inc.
Marina del Rey

Due to the writers strike and the uncertainty of our Oscar viewing party, “The Envelope Please”, we had to cut our budget. Instead of going with traditional floral arrangements, we went with a wonderful company called Couture Baskets. They were incredible to work with, helped keep our costs down and here’s the best part: the exquisite centerpieces were designed using fresh fruit which we could then give to our NOLP Food Bank the next day. They helped us, they helped our clients and our event was beautiful! I highly recommend them.

Madonna Cacciatore
Development Associate, Special Events
AIDS Project Los Angeles

Los Angeles magazine gave Couture Baskets as holiday gifts to a select group of our top clients in 2008. What a hit! We received email after email from happy customers who were thrilled with the gorgeous fruit baskets they received. To a person, our clients told us that they were so happy to have received something creative and healthy “that didn’t overwhelm us with calories and cavities.” And working with Couture Baskets was so easy. We just picked the basket, sent the message to be included on the card with a list of addresses for delivery, and they handled it all. Couture Baskets was the perfect gift to send to our discerning clients, and we can’t recommend them highly enough!

Suzy Starling
Marketing Services Manager
Los Angeles magazine

As delicious as they are handsome. Beautiful, and truly “Couture”!

Rocky La Fleur
Kneedler|Fauchere Showroom
Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles